2023 Planner and Journal Lineup

2023 Planner and Journal Lineup

Yesterday I shared some of my favorite 2022 daily Planner spreads. Today I am sharing a look at my 2023 planner and journals. 

For my planner I'll be sticking to the format from last year, staying with the A5 size. I love the size!!! It's perfect for my daily list and plenty of room for added notes and watercolor. This year I did switch to a Wonderland 222. 

I got a Wonderland 222, 2023 planner and a notebook for my daily pages. My goal with this switch is to get better use of my monthly and weekly pages. 

Along with my planner I also keep 2 daily journals. One of my daily journals is where I keep a quick write up of the day and of course some watercolor florals. I have been keeping this practice for over a year and I am currently in journal No.4. I shared a deeper look at this journal HERE.

The second daily journal is a collection of gratitude letters. This one is smaller because it's usually only a sentence or two...with... you guessed it...WATERCOLOR FLORALS!

Are you using a planner this year? If you have any tips to getting the most of your monthly and weekly pages please share them with me. I've struggled with this and I know I will free up so much mental space by using them, I just haven't been able to keep up the habit. 




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